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European Times Ukraine

GDP:   $106.5 billion
GDPPC (PPP) $6300
Population: 47 million
Exch rate to $: 5.05 Hryvnia
Area: 603,700 sqkm
Arable Land: 53.8%
Legal System: Civil law
Labor Force: 22.67 million
Major Exports metals
Major Imports fuel, energy

Advertising Opportunities

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation offers the following advertising opportunities:

- Video advertising through: 5 websites

            12 month video clip:  $2,595
              6 month video clip:  $1,560

- Banner advertising through: 3 websites

            12 month banner: $800
              6 month banner: $500
              3 month banner: $300

- Advertising through e-business newsletter, Bizlinks

(sent out to 4,500 subscribers):

              one-time ad: $100


Why Advertise with the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation?

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, a well-respected non-profit dedicated to building Ukraine’s democracy since 1991, has developed a powerful communications infrastructure that reaches thousands of people and companies interested in Ukraine. 

This is a highly qualified, targeted audience vitally concerned with what is happening in Ukraine today and with the state of U.S.-Ukraine relations.  

The Foundation aims to develop relationships with business partners who support the Foundation’s mission toward Ukraine.  The Foundation seeks to maximize marketing, advertising and promotional initiatives for its partners.

Corporate advertisers will also discover a positive impact on their business by their association with the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and its quality programs in Public Policy, Education, Economic Development, and Heath Care/Humanitarian Assistance. 

The Foundation’s communications outreach in Ukraine has been strongly supplemented by its on-the-ground network of regional offices in Kyiv, Lviv, Cherkasy, Donetsk and Kherson. 

The Foundation’s work has been financially supported by government agencies, private foundations, corporate entities and thousands of private individuals. 

The Foundation now welcomes you to join our growing constituency of advertisers!

So advertise with us … and discover the great benefits of your new relationship with the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation!


Our marketing tools include:

- (gets over 8,000 unique visitors a month)
- (gets over 5,000 unique visitors a month, and the number is growing rapidly)
- (newly launched business website with a potential of over 10,000 unique visitors a month)
- (recently launched online store that features Ukraine-related goods and attracts over 1,500 unique visitors a month)
- (Summer Work & Travel program sponsored by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation)
- e-business newsletter (Bizlinks has over 4,500 subscribers)
- annual conferences that bring together key U.S. and Ukrainian policy makers


For additional information, please contact Michael Buryk, Business Development Manager, at:
(202) 657-4505 or inquiry [at]