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Western Ukraine Community Development Projects

Petrach Community Development Fund for Starij Dobrotvir
The Foundation aids Starij Dobrotvir, Ukraine through funds provided by The William Petrach Charitable Trust. These funds will maintain the community center, public school, library, and church rectory.

Zapytiv Community Development Fund
The Foundation is constructing a library in Zapytiv, a community near Lviv. Funded by the Family of Mychailo and Irena Boyko, this project will foster a better education environment in the village.

Zhovkva Community Development Project
The Foundation is supporting the creation of a new Internet club and library for youth in Zhovkva, a city rich in history in Lvivska oblast, as part of its economic revitalization. This project foresees the renovation of two rooms in its medieval zamok (castle), the installation of electrical, phone and internet connections as well as equipping the rooms with new computers, electronic equipment and informational materials.


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