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JOIN THE #SoundTheAlarmForUkraine COALITION

JOIN THE #SoundTheAlarmForUkraine COALITION !

Join a broad-based, action-oriented coalition of individuals and organizations who will support Ukraine with a special focus on assistance and humanitarian aid.  

The impetus results from the September 25th Forum: Ukraine’s Ongoing Battle for Freedom, held at the U.S. Capitol, where over 400 people gathered to Sound the Alarm for Ukraine.  All those who attended realize the need to come together forming a stronger, more effective voice for the People of Ukraine, in order to do the following:  

  • To raise awareness of the true extent of the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine and to rally all possible support from the U.S. and the international communities in order to ameliorate Ukraine's humanitarian catastrophe and its long-term consequences
  • To advocate for increased and sustained assistance from the U.S. Congress
  • To appeal to President Barack Obama, and to the future president of the United States, for more active support to aid the People of Ukraine who find themselves impacted by the humanitarian catastrophe. 

Coalition members will be informed of all future actions that will be needed to carry out the above mission. 

It is understood that members of the Coalition will be informed of any "sign-on" letters that are directed to the U.S. Congress or the Administration.  Members will be able to "opt-in" in regard to these advocacy letters.  Members will also be able to decide if they wish to sign on as individuals outside of their "official capacity" or with their organizational designation. 

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