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Election Project in the News

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The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Election Project received significant media coverage (names of Former Congressmen, Former European Parliamentarians, or USUF staff are given in parentheses):

March 2006

DeNardis optimistic after Ukraine visit New Haven Register  March 31, 2006.  (DeNardis).

January 2005

Eye Witness Report #2 from UkraineCommon Cause.  January 1, 2005.  (Swett).

A Country Waiting to Be BornIdaho Falls Post Register.  January 8, 2005.  (Hansen).

A Prayer for FreedomIdaho Falls Post Register.  January 8, 2005.  (Hansen).

Ukraine Needs Our Help to Consolidate GainsEast Valley Tribune.  January 9, 2005.  (Coppersmith).

Ex-Legislator a Witness to ‘Refreshing’ Revolution in UkraineSan Diego Union-Tribune.  January 10, 2005.  (Packard).

Gloucester man International Monitor in UkraineStoke Sentinel and Cheltenham Echo.  January 11, 2005. (Moreland).

 Richard Mallary Reports on Ukraine ElectionThe Herald in Randolph, VT.  January 12, 2005.

December 2004

Ukraine Parliament Votes Out GovernmentThe Associated Press.  December 1, 2004.  (Bilynskyj).

Ukraine Rivals Reach Compromise DealThe Associated Press.  December 1, 2004.  (Bilynskyj).

Ukraine Opposition to Life BlockadeFox News.  December 1, 2004.  (Bilynskyj).  

Rival Start Talks with MediatorsFox News.  December 1, 2004.  (Bilynskyj).

Ukraine Opposition to Lift BlockadeThe Washington Post.  December 1, 2004.  (Bilynskyj).

New Election in Ukraine is Victory for FreedomThe Kansas City Star.  December 5, 2004.  (Slattery).

Flowers for FreedomNewsweek.  December 6, 2004.  (D. Potyekhin/Znayu).

Hartford Rally Draws Several Hundred in Support of Orange Revolution in UkraineThe Hartford Courant.  ABC/CBS/NBC state stations.  December 12, 2004 (L. Denardis).

Thone Chooses Family HolidaysThe Lincoln Journal Star.  December 12, 2004.  (Thone).

From Election Candidate to Election MonitorRocky Mountain Bullhorn.  December 16, 2004. (Schaffer).

Pressler to Leave this Week to Monitor Elections in UkraineThe Associated Press.  December 19, 2004.  (Pressler).

Former Idaho House Member Traveling to Ukraine for VoteThe Associated Press.  December 20, 2004.  (Hansen).

Ukraine Court:  Voting Rules UnconstitutionalFox News/The Associated Press. December 25, 2004.  (Bilynskyj).

A Tense Election for Ukraine TodayThe Star Tribune, Mineapolis.  December 26, 2004.  (Erdahl).

Roundup: Ukraine’s Yushchenko Declares Victory in Presidential ElectionsXinhua News Agency.  December 27, 2004.  (Pressler).  

Politician to Oversee Poll in Ukraine.  Yorkshire Evening Post.  December 27, 2004.  (McGowan).

Eye Witness Report #1 from UkraineCommon Cause.  December 29, 2004.  (Swett).

November 2004

Doubts Expressed for Free and Fair Election in UkraineRadio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.  November 4, 2004.  (Ritter/Van Putten mentioned)

Observing the Ukraine ElectionsThe Washington Times.  November 14, 2004.  (October delegation mentioned)

Ukraine’s Presidential Election:  The Turning Point?  Helsinki Commission.  November 16, 2004.  (Slattery).

Funding of Election Monitors a ConcernThe Washington Post.  November 20, 2004.  (Ritter/delegation).

Ukrainian Security Service Raids and Searches ZnayuBBC Monitoring Service. Kanal 5.  November 22, 2004.  (October delegation)

Ukraine Poll Fraud Claims Occupy ObserversThe Financial Times.  November 22, 2004.  (Tydings/Mica) 

Witness To HistoryThe Denver Post.  November 23, 2004.  (Schaffer).  

Updates from the UkraineThe Rocky Mountain News.  November 23, 2004.  (Schaffer).

Schaffer has Window Seat for Ukraine UpheavalThe Denver Post.  November 24. 2004.  (Schaffer). 

Four Angry MenThe Kyiv Post.  November 25, 2004.  (Schaffer)

Americans Should Ponder Ukrainian Election WoesThe Arizona Tribune.  November 28, 2004.  (Coppersmith).

Interview with Petro Koshukov, co-founder of Znayu, at National Public Radio.  The program is titled Ukrainians Await Court Decision on Election.  November 29, 2004.

Interview with Nadia McConnell at BBC Radio.  November 30, 2004. 

Ukrainians Deserve Fair ElectionThe Denver Post.  November 30, 2004.  (Schaffer).

Go Orange!  The National Review.  November 30, 2004.  (Schaffer).

The Radicals with Vested Interest in Orange VictoryThe Guardian.  November 30, 2004.  (Bilynskyj).     

October 2004

Chicago-area Congressman Visits Kyiv with his Constituents.  The Ukrainian Weekly.  October 17, 2004.  (Bilynskyj mentioned)

Ukraine, Voting Sunday, Critical Crossroads for Democracy.  The New Haven Register. October 27, 2004.  (DeNardis/Torkildsen mentioned)

Ukraine and the WorldRadio Svoboda.  October 27, 2004. (Coppersmith mentioned)

Ukraine:  Former Congressmen Speak about Violations of Democratic Election ProcessRadio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.  October 30.  2004.  (DeNardis/Frey mentioned)

Troubled Ukrainian Election has U.S. parallelsThe Arizona Tribune.  October 31, 2004.  (Coppersmith mentioned)

September 2004

Delegation of former legislators on Election Monitoring Trip to Ukraine.  The Ukrainian Weekly.  September 19, 2004. (Bates mentioned)


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