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List of Upcoming Ukraine-Related Events


2017 Open World Schedule
USUF's Ukrainian Delegations in the U.S. 

Sponsored by the Open World Leadership Center 

March 17-25 in Kansas City, MO:  Combatting Human Trafficking – Sex Trafficking and Forced Labor
Local Host:  Global Ties KC 

March 17-25 in Louisville, KY:  Combatting Human Trafficking – Sex Trafficking and Forced Labor
Local Host:  World Affairs Council of Kentucky & Southern Indiana 

March 17-25 in Cincinnati, OH:  NGOs Combatting Poverty/Homelessness/Supporting Needy Children
Local Host:  Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Partnership

March 17-25 in Washington, DC & Fairfax County, VA:  Equality Issues in Society
Local Host:  U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

March 31-April 8 in Modesto, CA: Academic Integrity – Secondary and Higher Education
Local Host:  Modesto Sister Cities International  

April 28-May 6 in Birmingham, AL: Empowering NGOs/E-Governance
Local Host:  Birmingham Sister Cities Commission
April 28-May 6 in Omaha, NE: Empowering NGOs/Family Services
Local Host:  Heartland Family Service

May 13-21 in Rochester, NY:  PTSD and Reintegration/Medical Practitioners and Social Workers
Local Host:  Rochester Global Connections 
June 3-11 in Santa Fe, NM:   Environmental Protection
Local Host:  Santa Fe Council on International Relations

Sept 8-16 in Chicago, IL:  Countering False Information/Media Literacy
Local Host:  Chicago Sister Cities International 

Sept 8-16 in Silver Spring, MD:  Countering False Information/Media Literacy
Local Host:  U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

Sept 23-Oct 1:  Anti-Corruption Practices/E-Governance and Transparency 
Local Host:  U.S.-Ukraine Foundation




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