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Washington, DC - The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation announces a partnership with both The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University and the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas for participation in the 2012 Conference & Gala, Leadership in a Global World, which will be held on November 30 and December 1, 2012 in Washington, DC.
The Foundation's two day event will examine Ukraine's role and opportunities in the changing international economic environment, with a special emphasis on the role of education and public service in growing the next generation of leaders.
This will be the second consecutive year in which the Foundation will be hosting a major event on Ukraine. Last year's conference and gala attracted 700 people and 38 organizational sponsors in celebrating Ukraine's 20th anniversary of independence.
Foundation President Nadia K. McConnell stated, "We are truly fortunate to have the Bush and Clinton Schools taking a leading role in our 2012 Conference & Gala, which will be focusing on leadership, achievement and excellence. We all realize that the challenges facing Ukraine are many, but the success achieved to-date along with a better understanding of her strengths and opportunities can propel Ukraine into a leadership role for the 21st century. Ukraine's educational system is key to Ukraine's future development and competitiveness. Leading educators from Ukraine will join in this discussion."
Andrew H. Card, Jr., Acting Dean of The Bush School (in photo below), expressed the following, "The Bush School at Texas A&M University, in the finest tradition of President Bush, places a great emphasis on public service.   This conference will help highlight the importance of public service and leadership training and how the next generation can come to face the challenges that our nation and the international community face. We are delighted to be participating with the Clinton School in this conference and by the example this sets for cooperative and non-partisan efforts in dealing with pressing issues."

Skip" Rutherford III, Dean of the Clinton School

James L. "Skip" Rutherford III, Dean of the Clinton School (in photo below) expressed these sentiments, "We are honored to join the Bush School in participating in this conference. As the first graduate school in the country to offer a Master of Public Service degree, the Clinton School places a strong emphasis on global leadership, which fits perfectly with themes and goals of this event. We look forward to sharing ideas and nurturing the spirit of international public service."

2012 Conference & Gala

Roman Popadiuk, the first U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and former Executive Director of the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation, also underscores the importance of the 2012 Conference & Gala, "This conference will help highlight the importance of public service and corporate citizenship not only in Ukraine but also in the global context. It is significant that the Bush School and the Clinton School are participating. Their role will help underscore the importance of training future leaders to face the challenges that a global economy poses. Ukraine's future depends to a great extent on the ability to train leaders in all sectors of society. This conference, with its focus on various issues of leadership, public service and corporate citizenship, is a step in that direction."
Both Andrew H. Card, Jr. and James L. "Skip" Rutherford III are expected to be keynote speakers at the December 1st educational conference session.
Both schools will have faculty and students involved in the conference. Leading educators from Ukraine are expected to join in as well.
For more information, please contact the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation at info@usukraine.org.

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