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Play Video PRESENTATION and live video webcast ON ORPHANS IN UKRAINE
Thursday, July 9, 2009 - Noon (EST)

Introduction by John A. Kun, VP, U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

Alla KorzhUkrainian Orphans' Plight: Education in “Internaty” and Its Implications
Presented by: Alla Korzh

Ms. Korzh holds a Master's Degree in Instructional Leadership from the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education, and is presently working towards her Ed.D. in International Educational Development at Teachers College, Columbia University.

A Social Safety Net For Orphans in Ukraine - Orphans’ Aid Society for Ukraine
Presented by George Nesterczuk, Board Member of OAS

George Nesterczuk is on the Board of Directors of the Orphans' Aid Society and has served as chairman for a number of years. He is a management consultant who has served in executive positions in both government and the private sector.  Two years ago, Mr. Nesterczuk served on the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation's Ukraine Civil Service Reform Project.  Mr. Nesterczuk has traveled to Ukraine many times over the years and is well acquainted with the plight of orphans in Ukraine.

The Orphans' Aid Society was established in the early 1990s to provide direct assistance to
individual orphans in Ukraine. Nearly 2000 orphans have been helped by OAS over the years and nearly 500 are currently on the Society's rolls.

Nesterczuk will discuss the means by which orphans are identified and the network of volunteers OAS utilizes to distribute assistance and provide supervision and oversight.


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