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Ukrainian Federal Credit Union Officials Visit the U.S. – Ukraine Foundation

Officials from the Ukrainian Federal Credit Union of Rochester, NY, recently visited the U.S. – Ukraine Foundation’s office in Washington, DC.  

The Foundation and the Ukrainian Federal Credit Union have a long-term, supportive relationship since 1999.   Both organizations value the work each other does in support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian-American community.

Ukrainian Federal Credit Union Officials Visit the U.S. – Ukraine Foundation

Standing, left to right, are UFCU CEO Oleg Lebedko, USUF VP John A. Kun, UFCU Board Of Directors Assistant Treasurer Bogdan Zakharchishin, USUF Intern Nataliya Zakharchishin and UFCU Board Of Directors President Wasyl Kornylo. Seated, left to right,are USUF Program Director Oksana Yakovenko and USUF Interns, Elvira Kizilova and Ganna Ivanova.

The Foundation, for example, has welcomed students from the Rochester area into its Internship Program.  Most recently, Nataliya Zakharchishin, a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and a native of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, served a full-time internship with the Foundation.  

“Nataliya’s Ukrainian language skills, along with her collegiate background in business administration and communications, were real assets for us in our daily program activities,” said Foundation President Nadia McConnell. 

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation has also supported the Rochester area’s Irondequoit and Poltava Sister City relationship.  During the past summer, the Foundation sent a Poltava delegation to Rochester through the Open World Program of the Library of Congress for a week-long training and cultural program.

The Ukrainian Federal Credit Union, an institution with over $141 million in assets, has been a strong, financial supporter of the Foundation’s work since 1999.  Founded in 1953, the credit union now serves over 16,000 members with branches in areas, such as, Albany, NY, Boston, MA, Portland, OR, Sacramento, CA, and Syracuse, NY. 

The Ukrainian Federal Credit Union is an upstanding organization within the Ukrainian-American community and through its commitment provides outstanding service, strategic growth, as well as on-going  community involvement.


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