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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Project - Ukrainian delegation visits Washington, DC - June 12-16, 2006

A delegation of senior Ukrainian officials with key roles in this project visited Washington, DC from June 12-16, 2006 to meet with a broad range of US experts and senior officials.  The visitors included:

Meetings were held with the following individuals to discuss opportunities for cooperation between the U.S. and Ukraine in the area of civil service and administrative reform:

The delegation also met with current Ukrainian Ambassador Oleh Shamshur and former U.S. Ambassadors to Ukraine William Green Miller and Stephen Pifer, as well as attended a reception at the National Council on Soviet Jewry (NCSJ) honoring Mark Levin and Shoshana Cardin. 

Mr. Motrenko spoke at the Kennan Institute on the topic of "transformation of the Ukrainian civil service system under conditions of political reform" and appeared on the Voice of America daily news program "???-Time".  A transcript of the interview is available on the VOA web site at http://www.voanews.com/ukrainian/2006-06-16-voa4.cfm.


Delegation and USUF staff at the Foreign Service Institute

Mr. Motrenko presents Linda Springer with a gift from Ukraine

Delegation at the Office of Government Ethics

Delegation with staff at the USUF office


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