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Kennan Kyiv Project

Kennan Institute Alumni at conference
Alumni of the Kennan Institute and
Fulbright Program at the alumni conference:
"Ukraine in the Modern World"

The Kennan Kyiv Project (KKP) was launched in November 1998 as the representative office in Ukraine for the Kennan Institute and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Its role is to recruit new scholars in the social sciences and humanities for grant programs at the Wilson Center and to develop an alumni program to help them maintain their ties to the United States and to one another once they return to Ukraine.

from l to r: Oleksiy Haran', member of the Kennan Institute Advisory Council; Yaroslav Pylyns'kyi, Director, Kennan Kyiv Project; & alumni of the Kennan Institute

The Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars recently extended its agreement with the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation to continue to administer its representative office, the Kennan Kyiv Project, through 2004. The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation provides office space, equipment, financial and communications infrastructure, and personnel oversight for the Kennan Kyiv Project.

The support of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation has allowed the Kennan Institute to maintain a high level - and more importantly, high quality - of activity in Ukraine. As the Kennan Kyiv Project has expanded, so too has the partnership between the two organizations. The conclusion of the agreement on cooperation over the next three years represents an exciting move forward for the Wilson Center and the Kennan Kyiv Project. The organizations hope to collaborate on future research projects and conferences, leveraging each others' significant strengths.

Program Activities

Kennan Institute Director Blair Ruble speaks at the alumni conference "Ukraine in the Modern World"
Blair Ruble

The Kennan Institute provides residential research grants to scholars in the humanities and social sciences throughout the former Soviet Union. In 2001, recruitment in Ukraine for the Institute's grants was carried out entirely by the Kennan Kyiv Project. In addition, the Kennan Kyiv Project continues to organize seminars and conferences for alumni of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs. Publications resulting from seminars and conferences are distributed to scholars and educational institutions across Ukraine. In 2002, the Kennan Kyiv Project plans to expand its distribution list to include policy makers and media outlets.

In addition to these activities, the Kennan Kyiv Project is administering two research projects in Ukraine. The first is a working group of scholars from Russia and Ukraine who are conducting a comparative analysis of development in their countries since 1991. The second is a sociological survey investigating the influx of non-traditional migrants into Kyiv. Hundreds of thousands of migrants, representing countries of Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, have made their way-by legal and illegal means-into Kyiv in recent years. The survey and larger research project seek to determine the extent of integration of these migrants into Kyivan society, the level of tolerance for their presence, and the impact they will have on municipal policies and services.

- by Nancy Popson, Deputy Director, Kennan Institute


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