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U.S.-Ukraine Foundation President Nadia K. McConnell presented Kyiv, Ukraine as a winning travel destination at Cities: Capitals of the Mind, an international destination summit, held on March 2-4, 2009 in London, and organized by The Communication Group plc.

The Communication Group plc (www.thecommunicationgroup.co.uk), established in 1986 and based in London, is a leading, award winning independent public relations consultancy.  The firm combines specialists in corporate and business-to-business communication, financial public relations, consumer marketing, and political affairs to ensure an integrated and seamless approach.
The Communication Group plc has authored the award winning report, The Power of Destinations:  Why it matters to be different.

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Kyiv - destination city

For this international conclave, The Communication Group plc developed a follow-up publication entitled, Cities: The Destination Identity.  In addition to Kyiv, some of the other cities showcased at the summit and in the report included Dubai, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, London, Sydney and Vancouver.
The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation was among 20 organizations that contributed to the publication.

At the summit, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation also presented its Discover Ukraine Exhibit, which had previously been displayed at New York City and Washington, DC travel shows.

The Foundation has been supporting Ukraine as a travel destination since 2005 with its #1 “Travel Ukraine” website, www.traveltoukraine.org.   The Foundation's growing presence on the Internet along with its e-newsletters complements travel promotional efforts like the NY Times Travel Show and other upcoming 2009 travel conventions.  The Foundation has also produced and widely distributed a Discover Ukraine brochure and a Discover Ukraine Travel Guide.

The Communication Group plc plans to globally distribute the report, Cities: The Destination Identity, to organizations including multinationals, governments, political representatives, development bodies, tourism groups, and business schools.

Plans are for the summit to be followed by an international road show supported by a global media campaign.

If you would like to be a part of the Foundation’s Ukraine travel promotion, please contact the Washington, DC office at 202-223-2228 or info@uskraine.org.



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