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Maryniuk Scholarship Fund

28 Students Awarded Over $6,000 in Scholarships by U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

Maryniuk ScholarshipsThe U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, through its Maryniuk Scholarship Fund, awarded 25 students $5,625 in college stipends in the village of Zheldets in the Kamianka-Buskiy region outside of L’viv on May 28.  Three others students, from the nearby village of Volia Zhovtanetska, received scholarships totaling $450 from the Andrew Kun Scholarship Program.

The award ceremony began in the village church, and proceeded to the students’ school in Zheldets. 

PHOTO: Petro Mavko, Director of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s L’viv Western Ukrainian Regional Training Center, and Maryniuk family members Luba, Andrew, and Jarko with students at the awards ceremony in the village of Zheldets.

Welcoming remarks were given by Hanna Pajtra, Director of the Zheldets School, who introduced the Maryniuk family and expressed gratitude for their generosity.  Recognition was also given to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, whose financial support was used to purchase furniture for the Zheldets school auditorium, and procure a CD-Rom for the school computer.

“I want to express my deepest appreciation to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, and to the Kun family.  It is wonderful to see that Mr. Andrew Kun who is 94 years old and resides in Rhode Island is so dedicated to the village in which he grew up,” said Ms. Pajtra.     

Recipients of the scholarships were Bohdana Palas, Maria Burko, Halyna Zubeyko, Iryna Kupetska, Iryna Shchehelska, Ivanna Berezyuk, Ihor Kit, Maria Kozhushok, Luybov Marko, Maria Kurnat, Olha Mykhajliuk, Myroslava Herman, Nadiya Branets, Nadiya Stetsyk, Natalia Berezyuk, Natalia Bokhonko, Natalia Borodiy, Nelia Storozhuk, Oksana Chorna, Oleh Oleksyn, Olha Zubeyko, Halyna Rokush, Roman Tyutyunnyk, Volodymyr Stanishevsky, Tetyana Martsiv, Volodymyr Zubeyko, Bohdan Zhinchin, and Svitlana Drozkevych.    
In attendance at the award ceremony were Andrew, Luba, Jarko, Jurko, and Adam Maryniuk.  Speaking on behalf of the Maryniuk Scholarship Fund, Mrs. Luba Maryniuk delivered a very moving address to the scholarship recipients.  In turn, the students thanked the Maryniuk and Kun families for their generosity.

Speaking about the visit to Zheldets, Ms. Maryniuk stated, “For us, the scholarship ceremony and the meeting with the students from the two upper classes, the teachers, and the parents was very important, and allowed us to have a fruitful exchange of ideas and viewpoints.  The Maryniuk Fund is in its fifth year, and the time has come for certain changes to be made.  Our sons will now be taking a more active role in these types of activities, and therefore it was very useful to have them with us on this visit. 

It was also very nice to meet the wonderful U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s L’viv office staff, who helped in implementing the activities of the Maryniuk Fund, and we are very grateful for their ideas and assistance with the Zheldets school. 

This year we had two representatives of the Ukrainian Catholic University in L’viv attended the meeting.  They spoke about Ukrainian Catholic University’s curriculum, student activities, the University’s tuition, etc.  It is the first such instance in Ukraine that representatives of the University visited a school to recruit students.  We express our gratitude to all the representatives of the Ukrainian Catholic University which helped make this presentation a successful reality.” 

The Maryniuk Scholarship Fund was created in December 2001 to help students pursue college and university level degrees.  It has expanded through additional earnings and contributions, so that today its value exceeds $100,000.  The Andrew Kun Scholarship Program is an initiative led by U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer John A. Kun. 

The Zheldets School needs assistance in funding and obtaining additional school supplies such as a playground for its younger students, furniture for the newly established kindergarten, new windows, chairs for the auditorium, and additional building materials. 

To contribute to the Zheldets School, the Maryniuk Scholarship Fund, the Andrew Kun Scholarship Program, or to start a scholarship program supporting needy students in your native city, town or village in Ukraine, please contact John A. Kun at jkun@usukraine.org or at (202) 223-2228.   


The Maryniuk Scholarship Fund, established in December 2001 by Andrew and Luba Maryniuk, along with sons Jerry and George, helps deserving students from Zheldets (Lviv oblast) continue post-secondary school studies.

The Maryniuk Scholarships are made possible through the assistance and coordination of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation.

PHOTO: Participants of the awards ceremony pose for a group picture

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation distributed $3,300 in scholarships for the 2002-2004 academic years.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation awarded seven college students from Zheldets $300 scholarships at a ceremony on Sunday, September 21, 2003 an the Foundation's Lviv office. Four students received their second-year award: Oleksandra Marko, Halyna Mazukevych, Bohdana Pajtra, and Nelya Storozhuk. They were joined by three new recipients: Lyubov Marko, Nataliya Sterezhuk and Volodymyr Stanishevski.

Attendees of the ceremony included Vitaliy Lesiuk, the Assistant Director of USUF's Western Ukrainian Regional Center; Hanna Pajtra, the director of the secondary school in Zheldets; and parents of the awardees.

Earlier this summer, Andrij and Luba Maryniuk, their sons George and Gerry, and their grandson Andrij visited Ukraine. One stop on their trip was a visit to their family and the village of Zheldets, where they visited the school whose students are the beneficiaries of their scholarship fund. They met with the two oldest classes and spoke directly with the students. Subsequently, the Maryniuks met a good number of the parents. Mrs. Maryniuk noted that "the parents were all very aware of the Maryniuk Scholarship Fund and extraordinarily grateful that someone was interested in their village and willing to make an investment in their children.

PHOTO: Bohdana Paytra expresses her gratitude for the scholarship award

The Ukrainian village feels somewhat slighted today that no one takes them into account. I felt genuine warmth and gratitude from these people."

In addition to the Maryniuk Scholarship Fund, it should be noted that the Maryniuks have been steadily helping foster greater interest in education in Zheldets in other ways. Specifically, they have supported the high school by donating and financing reconditioned computers through the Kobzar Society of Pennsylvania and have purchased subscriptions of Svoboda for the students of the school.

Additional donations to the Maryniuk Scholarship Fund are welcome. Please indicate "Maryniuk Fund" in the memo section when sending a check to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, 1701 K Street NW - Suite 903, Washington, DC 20006. Questions to the Foundation can be directed to Tel: 202-223-2228 | Fax: 202-223-1224, email: usuf@usukraine.org.


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