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U.S.-Ukraine Foundation holds NATO briefing for Ambassador Popadiuk

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation held a private briefing on Ukraine’s situation with NATO on September 29, 2008.   The briefing addressed the current domestic political situation in Ukraine, both as it impacts the politics of Ukraine and Ukraine’s foreign policy, including possible NATO membership.

The briefing was initiated by former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Roman Popadiuk, who is currently affiliated with the George Bush School in Texas. 

NATO Briefing


Nato Briefing

Along with former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer, Foundation President Nadia McConnell, and several other guests, eight students from the George Bush School also attended the briefing.  The students are participating in a graduate school capstone program regarding NATO, which is sponsored by the Atlantic Council of the U.S.  The final results of the study will be briefed to the Council at the turn of the year.

The session was closed to the public.



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