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Today and Tomorrow

Potential #2 (3) 2006

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation marks the 20th anniversary of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster with the publication of this report by Ken Bossong, co-director of the Ukrainian-American Environmental Association.

Since the Chornobyl accident, Ukraine became an independent nation and has now experienced democracy for nearly 15 years. However, a serious threat today to Ukraine and her independence is energy itself.

As the author writes, "the system of producing and consuming energy in Ukraine poses a range of very serious national security, economic, environmental, and public health problems for the country and its citizens."

Mr. Bossong has produced a compelling analysis on Ukraine's energy situation and its potential for the future. The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is proud to share it with you.

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Ukraine’s Obolon Beer --
Its Success Brews Great Export Potential

Journal Article #1 (3) 2006

When a new brewery was built near Kyiv in 1980, who could have dreamed that in two decades this business would be a company of European quality? Today Obolon is a Ukrainian closed joint-stock company that, in addition to operating its main brewery in Kyiv, controls numerous subsidiaries all over Ukraine. Production has increased tenfold. A complex overhaul of existing facilities has allowed the company to replace obsolete technology with cutting edge high-tech equipment.

This last year Obolon celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding as the leading domestic brewer, controlling 25.8% of the Ukrainian beer market. The company exports its products to markets in over twenty countries. Obolon makes up close to 90% of total Ukrainian beer exports, and its exports increase every year.

IIn the following interview for Potential magazine, conducted by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s Taras Mazyar, Oleksandr Slobodian shares his thoughts about the potential of Obolon and Ukraine’s brewery business.


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Oleksandr Slobodian








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