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U.S.-Ukraine Policy Dialogue in the Press

February 2006
"Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic Ambitions: Building an Effective Policy Coordination Process"
By Steven Pifer, with F. Stephen Larrabee, Jan Neutze, and Jeffrey Simon
English | Ukrainian

17 February 2006
"United States and Ukraine Make Good Progress on Implementing April 2005 Joint Statement"
Foreign Policy & National Security Task Force
English | Ukrainian

1 January 2006
"U.S.-Ukraine Policy Dialogue Conference Held in the Ukrainian Capital"
By U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

12-18 November 2005
"?????????? ?? ?????????: ??? ??????? ????, ?? ??????? ??????? ? ?????"
By Yuriy Yakymenko
Dzerkalo Tyzhnia

2 April 2005
"Thoughts on the Ukraine-U.S. Strategic Partnership"
By Yuri Scherbak, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States
Den' Newspaper

6 May 2005
"How to Help Yushchenko"
By Jennifer Moroney & Taras Kuzio
International Herald Tribune

7 June 2005
"Ambassador Ušackas encourages Ukrainians to pursue rigid and consistent reforms despite 'no' referendums in France and the Netherlands"

10 June 2005
"Washington does not understand how the Ukrainian government works; some recommendations given"
By Serhiy Kudelia

10 June 2005
Interview with Valery Chaly, "Summary of U.S.-Ukraine Policy Dialogue Conference in Washington"
Voice of America

15 June 2005
"Vyacheslav Koval took part in a conference in Washington"
Source: Press-Service of "People's Union Our Ukraine

17 June 2005
"Conference in Washington Dedicated to Dialogue Between Ukraine and USA"
By Myroslava Gongadze, Voice of America
Published in Svoboda

25 June 2005
"From Informational 'Barracks' to an Independent Mass Media"
By Andriy Masalsky, member of the Information & Media Task Force
Published in Telekritika, 4,000 circulation

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