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Trust for Mutual Understanding awards grant
to support Lviv historical preservation


The Trust for Mutual Understanding has awarded a grant of $18,000 to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation to support a bilateral exchange entitled Monitoring Cultural Heritage in the Historic Center of Lviv in October 2008. 

The grant proposal and the initiation of the project were conceived by Taissa Bushnell, the advisor to the Mayor of Lviv for cultural heritage management. 

Lviv Archives

The Trust for Mutual Understanding is an American foundation that supports cultural and environmental exchange between the United States, Russia, and Eastern and Central Europe.  The Trust awarded the grant because it acknowledges the importance of supporting historic preservation in Lviv, which will consist of sending Ukrainian heritage managers from Lviv to the United States to study methods of environmental control and preventive conservation and sending specialists from the U.S. National Park Service to Lviv to design environmental monitoring systems.

Lviv has a long history as the economic and cultural center of Western Ukraine and for centuries has been inhabited and developed by representatives of many different cultural groups.  As a result, Lviv’s architecture includes a unique ensemble of monuments and buildings constructed throughout the past 750 years. Unfortunately, the architectural heritage of the city is prone to deterioration caused by time and weather.  For example, interior decorations such as wall-paints are extremely vulnerable to the city’s humid climate.  Thus, it is of great importance that the interiors of Lviv’s historical monuments be systematically monitored so that appropriate stabilization equipment can be installed to preserve the unique cultural expression.

Lviv Archives

The local city officials understand that considerable work needs to be done for preventive conservation. The project will be of great value to local heritage managers who will be able to learn about developing and implementing environmental monitoring and stabilizing systems. As a result of the project, monitoring systems will be installed in the interiors of Lviv monuments, including the spaces which house exhibition and storage facilities for museum collections.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is a capable recipient of the grant as it has previously been involved in a preservation project.  In 2005, the Foundation launched the Lviv Archives Preservation Project, a $105,000 initiative funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which helped to renovate portions of the 17th century former Bernadine monastery, the structure that today contains the cultural and historical treasures of the Central State Historical Archives in Lviv.  
For more information, please contact the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation at info@usukraine.org or at  (202) 223-2228.  The Foundation’s website is:  www.usukraine.org.  For more information on the Trust for Mutual Understanding, please visit www.tmuny.org.


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