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Discover Ukraine Showcased in Canada

February 1, 2010

Toronto Ultimate Travel Show

Ukraine was represented through the Discover Ukraine exhibit at Toronto’s Ultimate Travel Show atthe Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto, Canada on January 23 & 24, 2010.  More than 60 tourism institutions from 10-plus countries and regions participated in the event.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation organized the Discover Ukraine exhibit and the Canada Ukraine Foundation (http://www.cufoundation.ca/) was the sponsoring organization. 

Toronto Travel Show

January 2010 - USUF VP John A. Kun, Olexander Danyleiko, Consul General of Ukraine in Canada, and Bohdan Onyschuk, President of the Canada Ukraine Foundation, (left to right) appeared at the Discover Ukraine exhibit at Toronto's Ultimate Travel Show

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation wishes to thank the Canada Ukraine Foundation, President Bohdan Onyschuk, Ms. Iryna Mycak and its members for making the exhibit possible.  The interest and support of Olexander Danyleiko, Consul General of Ukraine, is appreciated and well as the volunteer participation by travel agents, Miroslava Plihtiak, All In One Travel, and Iryna Trushkevych, Kiy Avia West Ltd.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation plans to expand its international exposure for Ukraine through upcoming travel shows in Canada and notably the JATA World Tourism Congress & Travel Fair in Tokyo, Japan during September 2010.

Toronto Travel Show

The Foundation has been supporting Ukraine’s travel industry since 2005 when it launched the travel site, www.traveltoukraine.org.  Since then the website has become the #1 Google, Yahoo! and Bing “Ukraine travel” site on the Internet.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation has conducted a wide array of public relations activities in support of Ukraine’s international image, including promoting Kyiv through Cities: Capitals of the Mind, an international, London summit and through The Communication Group’s widely-distributed report, Cities: The Destination Identity.

Toronto Travel Show

The Foundation's growing presence on the Internet along with its business sector e-newsletter, BizLinks, distributed to 5,000 subscribers, complements its travel show efforts.

Print materials, like the Discover Ukraine brochure and Discover Ukraine Travel Guide, promote numerous travel agencies, hotels and airlines involved in Ukraine travel and are distributed to travel show attendees. 

To learn how to participate in the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s Discover Ukraine activities, please contact Nadia K. McConnell, President of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, via telephone:  202-223-2228 or email: info@usukraine.org.


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