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Ukraine 2020

Washington, DC – September 27, 2010 –The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation announced today the start-up of Ukraine 2020, a three-part program supporting Ukraine’s European integration.

President Nadia Komarnyckyj McConnell stated, “Ukraine 2020, an initiative of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation in Washington and the Pylyp Orlyk Institute for Democracy in Kyiv, is designed to support Ukraine's European integration which President Yanukovych has declared as a priority goal for Ukraine.” 

“I am calling on the friends and supporters of Ukraine! We need you to support this effort and to join us in a new strategy of engagement with Ukraine,” said Mrs. McConnell.

In making the Ukraine 2020 announcement, Mrs. McConnell noted the tie-in that the initiative has with two key, soon-to-be-celebrated events, Ukraine’s 20th anniversary of independence and the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation 20th year of operation in support of Ukraine.

Ukraine 2020 has three important components – Policy Dialogue, Advancing Ukraine’s Image and Competitiveness, and People-to-People Exchanges. 

Ukraine 2020 - Policy Dialogueis a collaborative and integrated action plan that brings together government officials, public policy experts, business groups, non-profit organizations and individuals interested in Ukraine’s European future.

This Policy Dialogue program is modeled after the Foundation’s highly-successful U.S.-Ukraine Policy Dialogue Project which was funded by the U.S. State Department in 2004-2006 (http://www.usukraine.org/PD06/index.shtml).  One of the project’s results was the creation of the Jackson-Vanik Graduation Coalition, which coalesced hundreds of non-profits, businesses and individuals that successfully advocated for the removal of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Ukraine.  Following passage of legislation in Congress, President George W. Bush lifted the provisions of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Ukraine by signing into law H.R. 1053, The Authorization of an Extension of Nondiscriminatory Treatment to the Products of Ukraine, on March 23, 2006.

Similar to the previous project, Ukraine 2020 will also be comprised of Task Forces, namely:  Business & Economics, Democracy & Governance, Education & Culture, Energy, Foreign Policy & National Security, and Information & Media.

The Task Forces will bring together experts from institutions throughout the world to share their expertise, provide regular commentary and undertake activities that support policy recommendations for Ukraine's European integration.  By bringing together the work of these experts, most of whom are already working on Ukraine issues, a stronger cumulative impact in support of Ukraine’s direction toward European integration will occur.

A strategic component of Ukraine 2020 – Policy Dialogue is the incorporation of the general public in Ukraine and other countries.  Groupings – of businesses, youth, media, women, academia, etc. - will be formed, not only for information flow to and from the Task Forces but also to effect changes within society needed for Ukraine’s EU integration.  In essence, the Task Forces will be supplemented and integrated with groups and individuals representing civil society at large.  

For example, these “civil society target groups” could be engaged in environmental or energy projects on the local level, in the promotion of volunteerism and public service, and in working with non-governmental leaders in advancing transparency or fighting corruption.  Engaging the youth of Ukraine will be critically important, too.  The target groups could also be partnered with peer groups from other countries for additional professional assistance.

Task Force development started on the U.S. side during the summer.  The Task Forces and their chairs are the following:    

Business & Economics – Ambassador Roman Popadiuk, currently serving at the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation

Democracy & Governance – co-chaired by Nadia Diuk of The National Endowment for Democracy and David Kramer, formerly of the German Marshall Fund and now the new executive director of Freedom House, as of October 4 (Note: Due to new responsibilities, Mr. Kramer will step down from chairing the Task Force; the Foundation is grateful for all of his efforts in this start-up phase of Ukraine 2020 and looks forward to his contributions as a Task Force member.)

Education & Culture – Ambassador William Green Miller of the Woodrow Wilson Center

Energy – Co-chaired by Ed Chow and Ambassador Keith Smith, both affiliated with the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Foreign Policy & National Security – Ambassador Steven Pifer of The Brookings Institution (Note: Ambassador William B. Taylor will be participating as a key member.)

Information & Media – To be named.

Task Force chairs, representing Ukraine, will be announced shortly as well Task Force participating members from the U.S., Ukraine and EU countries.

To strengthen the impact of Ukraine 2020 - Policy Dialogue, the Task Forces are designed to perform as an NGO complement to the U.S.-Ukraine Bilateral Commission and other government-to-government initiatives.  Therefore, the work of the Task Forces will be framed by key government documents such as the “U.S.-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership,” President Yanukovych’s “Program of Economic Reforms 2010-2014,” and the “European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument  Ukraine:  National Indicative Programme 2011-2013,” as well as non-government reports by Transparency International’s “Corruption Perceptions Index: Ukraine (2009),” and analyses including “Proposals for Ukraine: 2010- Time for Reforms” by economist Anders Aslund as well as the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” Report.

The second component of Ukraine 2020 is Advancing Ukraine’s Image and Competitiveness, a strategic effort to improve Ukraine’s economic development and image world-wide.  The Foundation has been an active proponent of Ukraine’s economic development and image through many programs over the past two decades, including its Community Partnerships Project and more recently, its Discover Ukraine initiative.

The third component of Ukraine 2020 is People-to-People Exchanges.  For the people of Ukraine to maximize their role in their country’s development and European integration, the Foundation proposes an expansion of focused exchanges centering on youth leadership and professional technical assistance in private and public sectors.

Major funding for Ukraine 2020 is being sought from government entities.  It is anticipated that support will also come from private gifts and corporate sponsorships.

Anticipating interest in Ukraine 2020, Mrs. McConnell revealed an upcoming on-line video interview that would soon be released, featuring the Democracy & Governance co-chairs, Nadia Diuk and David Kramer.  Communications will also be soon bolstered with a Ukraine 2020 website. 

To learn how you can participate in Ukraine 2020, to recommend yourself or others, please contact Nadia K. McConnell, President of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, via email: info@usukraine.org.   

Join the Ukraine 2020 initiative by making a gift today!  Take a leadership role through your support of this initiative.  Corporate sponsorships and individual contributions for Ukraine 2020 are needed and requested!  Please go to http://www.usukraine.org/donate.shtml to donate and support this important effort.  Major supporters will receive significant recognition throughout the year.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is located at 1701 K Street NW, Suite 903, in Washington, DC 20006  and at 12 Lesya Ukrainka Blvd., in Kyiv, Ukraine.


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