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Ukraine 2020, an initiative of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation in Washington and the Pylyp Orlyk Institute for Democracy in Kyiv, is designed to support Ukraine's European integration which President Yanukovych has declared as a priority goal for Ukraine. 

Ukraine 2020 has three important components – Policy Dialogue, Advancing Ukraine’s Image and Competitiveness, and People-to-People Exchanges.  

The Ukraine 2020 - Policy Dialogue is a collaborative and integrated action plan that brings together government officials, public policy experts, business groups, non-profit organizations and individuals interested in Ukraine’s European future.

This Policy Dialogue program is modeled after the Foundation’s highly-successful U.S.-Ukraine Policy Dialogue Project which was funded by the U.S. State Department in 2004-2006.  One of the project’s results was the creation of the Jackson-Vanik Graduation Coalition, which coalesced hundreds of non-profits, businesses and individuals that successfully advocated for the removal of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Ukraine.  Following passage of legislation in Congress, President George W. Bush lifted the provisions of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Ukraine by signing into law H.R. 1053, The Authorization of an Extension of Nondiscriminatory Treatment to the Products of Ukraine, on March 23, 2006. 

Similar to the previous project, Ukraine 2020 will also be comprised of Task Forces, namely:  Business & Economics, Democracy & Governance, Education & Culture, Energy, Foreign Policy & National Security, and Information & Media. 

The Task Forces will bring together experts from institutions throughout the world to share their expertise, provide regular commentary and undertake activities that support policy recommendations for Ukraine's European integration.  By bringing together the work of these experts, most of whom are already working on Ukraine issues, a stronger cumulative impact in support of Ukraine’s direction toward European integration will occur. 

The second component of Ukraine 2020 is Advancing Ukraine’s Image and Competitiveness, a strategic effort to improve Ukraine’s economic development and image world-wide.  The Foundation has been an active proponent of Ukraine’s economic development and image through many programs over the past two decades, including its Community Partnerships Project and more recently, its Discover Ukraine initiative, which promotes Ukraine viawww.traveltoukraine.org, a #1 travel website on search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google.

The third component of Ukraine 2020 is People-to-People Exchanges.  For the people of Ukraine to maximize their role in their country’s development and European integration, the Foundation proposes an expansion of focused exchanges centering on youth leadership and professional technical assistance in private and public sectors.  The Foundation has managed exchanges since 1991, including local government technical assistance exchanges, parliamentary study groups, youth leadership programs, Open World delegations, and Summer Work Travel participants, numbering over 1,000 university students from Ukraine, www.exchangeusa.org.

Why Ukraine 2020?

For any country to progress, it needs to develop strategic understanding, vision, and plans that look beyond the realities of current political cycles. By focusing on 2020, nearly two presidential terms from now in both Ukraine and the United States, the project aims to help its participants look beyond current political personalities and develop their understanding of societal realities and needs. It does this, however, in full awareness of the realities of current and evolving political, economic, societal, and international  dynamics. In short, we seek to answer the question: “How can we understand the future, in order to influence it by acting effectively today?”