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Ukraine 2020 Policy Dialogue

The Ukraine 2020 Policy Dialogue is an initiative of the US-Ukraine Foundation to develop an ongoing platform for experts and officials in Ukraine, the United States, and Europe to exchange ideas and build common vision in support of Ukraine’s development as a modern, prosperous, and secure European democracy.

The work is organized into task forces, each focused on a specific area.  Three task forces are currently working, addressing issues of Foreign PolicyNational Security & Defense, and Energy. The Foundation is currently establishing a Culture & Education task force and is exploring the creation of task forces addressing Accountable Governance and Economic Prosperity.

Prominent Ukrainian and international experts jointly lead the work of a dozen experts in each task force. The goal of that work is to identify important issues related to Ukraine’s European integration and to build a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to these issues. The products of task force work will include recommendations for policy makers, as well as analytical material that encourages informed, constructive dialogue in the broader expert community and wider public. The task forces are actively reaching out to these broader groups.

US and Ukrainian Ambassadors

Final Session, U.S.-Ukraine Policy Dialogue
Washington, D.C.  •  September 2006

The Ukraine 2020 Policy Dialogue initiative builds on the success of the Foundation’s previous policy dialogue project, which took place in 2005 and 2006. The project is committed to a collaborative approach, both in integrating efforts from experts from many leading institutions, and in cooperating with related efforts by the broader think tank and advocacy community.

Expert Forum, Ukraine 2020 Policy Dialogue  Atlantic Council of the United States  •  March 2012

Expert Forum, Ukraine 2020 Policy Dialogue
Atlantic Council of the United States  •  March 2012

Why Ukraine 2020?

A country’s progress depends on the strategic understanding, vision, and planning of leaders and experts in government and society. By focusing eight years in the future – roughly two presidential terms – Ukraine 2020 aims to help these leaders and experts look beyond the short-term thinking that drives political cycles to focus on broader trends and societal needs over the longer term. At the same time, to make a difference by 2020, action is needed now. We cannot ignore problematic issues on today’s agenda, therefore, but rather strive to consider them within a broad, longer-term context.

Ukraine 2020 Policy Dialogue Timeline

(First Half 2012)

29 February 2012 Inaugural meeting of the National Security and Defense Task Force
Atlantic Council of the United States  •  Washington, D.C.
1 March 2012 Inaugural meeting of the Foreign Policy Task Force
The Brookings Institution   •  Washington, D.C.
2 March 2012 Expert Forum (by invitation)
Atlantic Council of the United States  •  Washington, D.C.
1-2 May 2012 Inaugural meeting of the Energy Task Force
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)  •  Washington, D.C.
April-May 2012

On-line consultations and teleconferences

4-5 June 2012

Inaugural meeting of the Culture and Education Task Force • Kyiv, Ukraine

Meetings of Foreign Policy, National Security and Defense, and Energy Task Forces • Kyiv, Ukraine

Expert Forums for all task forces • Kyiv, Ukraine (by invitation)

6 June 2012 Civic Forum (media welcome; pre-registration required)
National Institute of Strategic Studies • Kyiv, Ukraine
July-August 2012 Publication of task Force Issue Papers


Ambassador Oleh Shamshur

Ambassador Oleh Shamshur

Senior Counselor for Investment and Public Affairs, PBN Company
James Greene

James Greene

Effective Engagement Strategies LLC


Nadia McConnell

Nadia McConnell

U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

Markian Bilynskyj
Vice President and
Director of Field Operations,

US-Ukraine Foundation
U.S. Embassy Seal This project is supported by the Democracy Grants Program of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The views of the participants do not necessarily reflect the official position of the U.S. Government.