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The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s Ukraine Orphans Advisory Council


  • Janet Grace Attard
  • Emma Bramble            
  • Dianna Derhak   
  • Iryna Dyakun
  • Bohdan Kantor           
  • Robert Kleypas           
  • Liz Kober                        
  • Alla Korzh
  • Miriam Moody
  • Danylo Spolsky           
  • Basil P. Tarasko           
  • Darya Trushkina
  • Angela V. Tlustenko
  • Stanislav R. Viner

These members serve as volunteers to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation in support of the mission to enhance human rights in Ukraine, focusing on the lives of orphans. If you would like to contact the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation or wish to be considered for this advisory board, email us at info@usukraine.org re: orphans.

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