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U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Launches Its Webcasting Series

U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Launches Its Webcasting Series

Washington, DC - The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation has launched its Webcasting Series to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Foundation.  The webcasts allow individuals interested in U.S.-Ukraine relations to “virtually attend” presentations and even ask questions of the speakers from the convenience of their computer. 

Commenting on this new capability, U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s Vice President John Kun expressed that “The mission of this organization is to promote democratic institutions in Ukraine and one of the ways that we achieve this is by distributing information.  Our new webcasting feature helps us achieve this goal.  I should note that this would not be possible without the donors and supporters of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation.  Their contributions make this webcast possible, and I personally want to thank them on behalf of the Foundation.” 

To date, three webcasts have been aired:  Natalie Jaresko’s presentation at the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation on “Investment Prospects in Ukraine;” Ambassador Steven Pifer’s talk on the “Current Developments in Ukraine,” and the Plenary Sessions of the U.S.-Ukraine Policy Dialogue.  Numerous viewers from around the world tuned in to watch and interact with the speakers.    
Managing Partner of Horizon Capital, and with over sixteen years of experience in Ukraine and the Newly Independent States, Natalie Jaresko gave a presentation on the “Investment Prospects in Ukraine.”  Among other topics of discussion, Ms. Jaresko focused on the transformation of the banking system, and foreign direct investment in Ukraine. 

“From 1992 to today the country has changed dramatically…the changes are permanent.  I find with each and every day that this is a more friendly environment for foreign investment.  Over time, Ukraine will become known for a variety of its characteristics:  natural and agricultural resources, extraordinarily talented and well educated population – which is the base for any business.  No business can be successful without a talented team, and a very strategic location which makes it an excellent place to base a business when you want to deal with both east, west, north and south,” explained Ms. Jaresko. 

Recently returned from a trip to Ukraine, Ambassador Steven Pifer, spoke about the “Current Developments in Ukraine” by focusing on the Yushchenko-Yanukovych “cohabitation;” judicial and economic reforms; the need to adopt energy efficiency measures; and Ukraine’s foreign policy orientation.   

The Policy Dialogue webcasts zoomed in on the Opening and Closing Plenary remarks of prominent Ukrainian and American policy makers who were in Washington, DC as part of the third working session of the U.S.-Ukraine Policy Dialogue. 

To view archived webcasts of the above-mentioned events, or to sign up for future webcasts, please visit www.usukraine.org.   

To find out additional information about webcasting opportunities, please contact Oleksiy Synelnychenko at 202-223-2228 or oleksiy@usukraine.org.

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