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Join USUF's force for democracy and make a difference!

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation calls allies of Ukraine -- enthusiastic and motivated individuals and organizations -- to join its mission to support democracy, education, and humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

You can choose from the list of activities below that others have done to help Ukraine. We know from past experience that our "allies" create exciting, new projects that are only possible through their energy and innovation. We look forward to hearing your ideas and helping you make them a reality!

  • Sign up for USUF's email reports on Ukraine and USUF activities.
  • Contribute by writing or conducting research for the Foundation.  Many topics are needed!
  • Assist USUF through social media networks.
  • Host a fundraiser to benefit a local community organization and the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation. For example, Walter Belanger organized an art exhibit fundraiser benefitting the Sherman Oaks Hospital CA and the Cultural Rebirth for Ukraine Project.
  • Intern or volunteer at the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation's DC office.
  • Go to Ukraine on a "volunteer vacation" and provide humanitarian relief and educational assistance to orphanges, hospitals, and schools. Volunteers have significant freedom in designing the program and choosing which town or city they would like to work. USUF does not provide financial support for these projects, but will assist in all program coordination, logistics support, and staff support.
  • Create your own project around your own personal interests. For example, a recent USUF intern created the ClickUkraine.org Project, which promotes computer literacy in Ukraine.
  • Host a USUF speaker at a community event.

Why volunteer with the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation?

Gain the satisfaction of making a direct impact on Ukraine. Ukraine needs you, and you can make a difference.

As you help USUF's current projects or promote your own, you will gain an invaluable sense of international understanding as you forge relationships with other volunteers, communities, and international organizations. Your experience with USUF will also give you skills for your education and profession, such as research, networking, leadership, and the practical application of your interests and education. Many also benefit from the contact and affiliation of the wide USUF network in Ukraine and the United States. Finally, USUF is very flexible and is happy to accommodate its volunteers' schedules.

Help Ukraine today!

Get connected with the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation today and let us know how you would like to help out. You can call John Kun at (202) 524-6551 or email at info at usukraine.org.



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