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Coalition for a Secure and Democratic Ukraine Meets with Vitaliy Haiduk
January 22, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC – At a January 22 dinner in Washington, DC organized by the Coalition for a Secure and Democratic Ukraine, the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Secretary Vitaliy Haiduk discussed the current political situation in Ukraine, describing the politics between President Yushchenko, Prime Minister Yanukovych and opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko.

During the meeting, Mr. Haiduk cautioned that it was important not to exaggerate Ukraine’s current political crisis.  Noting that Ukraine now had been accepted by the Millennium Challenge Account, Mr. Haiduk said that anti-corruption efforts would be a major focus of the government. While he admitted that there were problems with the Value Added Tax rebates and grain export quotas, Mr. Haiduk stated that these issues were unlikely to be resolved quickly.

Mr. Vitaliy Haiduk has served as the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine since October 10, 2006.  Previously, Mr. Haiduk held the posts of Deputy Chairman of the Donetsk Regional Council; First Deputy Minister and Minister for Fuel and Energy; Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine; and Chair of the Industrial Group consortium.

The Coalition for a Secure and Democratic Ukraine is the successor to the Jackson-Vanik Graduation Coalition, and has assigned priority to promoting the U.S. Congress-Verkhovna Rada partnership, supporting Ukraine's integration into the Euro-Atlantic community, and promoting Ukraine's market reform, democratic development, and energy efficiency.  The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation serves as the secretariat of the Coalition.   

To become a member of the Coalition for a Secure and Democratic Ukraine, please contact Oksana Yakovenko at oksana@usukraine.org or at (202) 223-2228.  For more information about the Coalition, please visit:  http://www.usukraine.org/csdu.shtml.




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