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Ruslana Lyzhychko meets with the Coalition for a Secure and Democratic Ukraine

March 30, 2007

Washington, DC – Members of the Coalition for Secure and Democratic Ukraine met with Ruslana Lyzhychko, Member of Ukraine’s Parliament (Our Ukraine faction), to discuss the political, economic, and social issues currently facing Ukraine.  The meeting was held on March 30 at the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s office in Washington, DC.

Ruslana Lyzhychko, Member of Ukraine’s Parliament, with the Coalition for a Secure and Democratic Ukraine

Deputy Lyzhychko addressed a variety of issues at the meeting, including a NATO information campaign in Ukraine, the confrontation between the Presidential Administration, on the one hand, and the Government and Rada majority coalition, on the other, the possibility of new Verkhovna Rada elections, and the Ukrainian language issue. 

Emphasis was placed on the need to develop a strong democracy in Ukraine and overcome all obstacles that are currently interfering with that goal. Specifically, Deputy Lyzhychko highlighted the urgent need to address the stability factor in Ukraine today and to unify the country as a whole. 

In addition, Deputy Lyzhychko called for the “need to cultivate new stars in politics” by fostering democratic values among the youth of Ukraine.  Quality education would enable new progressive leaders to become vibrant members of the future political order. 

Deputy Lyzhychko underscored the importance of cultivating Ukrainian culture and promoting a positive image of Ukraine domestically and abroad.  She also noted how impressed she was with American patriotism and said that she would like to “see as many flags in Ukraine as in the United States,” commensurate with the Orange Revolution times. 

Ruslana Lyzhychko with the Coalition for a Secure and Democratic Ukraine

In addition to being a member of Ukraine’s Parliament, Deputy Lyzhychko is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, a performer, and winner of Eurovision 2004.  Deputy Lyzhychko’s meeting with the Coalition for a Secure and Democratic Ukraine was part of a four-day visit to the United States, which included a presentation at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, meetings with the U.S. Department of State and the International Organization for Migration, and a performance at the Slavic Festival in Washington, DC.

The Coalition for a Secure and Democratic Ukraine is the successor to the Jackson-Vanik Graduation Coalition, and has assigned priority to promoting the U.S. Congress-Verkhovna Rada partnership, supporting Ukraine's integration into the Euro-Atlantic community, and promoting Ukraine's market reform, democratic development, and energy efficiency.  The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation serves as the secretariat of the Coalition.   

For more information, or to join the Coalition for a Secure and Democratic Ukraine, please contact Oksana Yakovenko at oksana@usukraine.org or at (202) 223-2228. 


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